Saudi Arabia is getting its own version of Takeshi’s Castle next year

We legitimately can’t wait to see Arabs take on the honeycomb maze.

You might’ve missed it, but it was announced back on November 24 that the president of Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, has commissioned the building of a replica of the famous Takeshi’s Castle in Riyadh.

“I was pleased to sign – a few minutes ago – in Tokyo an agreement with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) to establish Takeshi’s Castle in the Kingdom. The beginning will be in the last quarter of 2018,” Al-Sheikh tweeted.

“We seek not only to entertain, but also to inspire people to exercise and experience new physical activities.”

Check out some of our favourite fails from the legendary show:

The reincarnation of Takeshi’s Castle will feature Arab architectural elements over an area of 300,000 square meters. The Castle will feature 50 obstacles, with some being designed specifically for the new project.

Takeshi’s Castle holds a place in the hearts of many in the Middle East, with the show being dubbed locally as “Al Hisin”, which means The Fort.

Many Saudis took to Twitter to welcome the initiative, with one user saying, “When I was 15 I wanted to participate with the Japanese players; now I’m 45 and I still have the will to prepare myself and participate.”