You’ll soon be able to buy a hijabi Barbie

Mattel’s Barbies have had a pretty good run over the years, but there was always one demo missing from their line-up.

Hijab Barbie.

Needless to say, the internet is loving it.

The new Barbie is modeled after American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, which is why the barbie will come kitted out in full fencing gear (and hijab), and will be made available for purchase starting in 2018.

Barbie’s official Twitter page posted, “We are so excited to honor Ibtihaj Muhammad with a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll!

“Ibtihaj continues to inspire women and girls everywhere to break boundaries. #shero #youcanbeanything #glamourwoty.

Ibtihaj responded with, “Thank you Mattel for announcing me as the newest member of the Barbie #Shero family! I’m proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab! This is a childhood dream come true.”