World’s longest urban zipline opening in Dubai Marina

Remember that giant, epic zipline over the Dubai fountain? Well, there’s soon to be another one.

XDubai, the team that brought you the aforementioned fountain are back at it again, with a giant wire strung across the Dubai Marina next to the mall.

It’s said to be the world’s longest urban zipline, starting from 170 meters tall at the launch platform, and stretching for one kilometer across the entirety of the Marina, finishing up next to The Address hotel next to Marina Mall.

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Oh, and XDubai have said that zipliners will reach a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour in just two and a half seconds after launch.

If you’re scared to do it alone, fret not. It’s a double line, meaning that you can (try to) hold hands as you whizz over the water.

While details on availability to the public, opening hours and ticket prices haven’t been announced, we’re excited for what’s to come.