Emirates’ Boeing 777s have had a makeover, and they look awesome

The new 777s will be home to Emirates’ new first-class suites, with more than 40 square feet of space.


Oh, and check this. If you’ve got a suite in the middle aisle, Emirates have incorporated virtual windows using real-time technology, meaning you’ll be able to see outside of the plane as if you were sat in a window suite.


Emirates have collaborated with Mercedes Benz for the upgrades, meaning that the leather seating, control panels and mood lighting has all been inspired by the Mercedes S Class.


Business Class and Economy have also been upgraded, with the seats receiving new leather stitching as well as personal mini-bars and personal lighting.

Economy Class has had a switch-up in colour scheme, as well as a new leather headrest for comfort.

Even the in-flight entertainment systems have had a make-over, with ultra-wide viewing angles, touch-screen tech as well as an LED backlit and full HD display.