Jumeirah Zoo is shutting down to make way for Dubai Safari’s opening

Dubai’s Jumeirah Zoo has had its fair share of controversy over the years, and it seems it’s finally shutting down on November 5.

With the opening of Dubai Safari imminent, most of the animals from the 50-year-old zoo have been relocated to the new park in Al Warqa, which is set to open just before UAE National Day on December 2.

“The zoo has been a testimony to the leadership’s commitment and keenness all these years to be ahead in wildlife conservation and providing entertainment services to the local community,” Khalid Al Suwaidi, director of Leisure Facilities Department at Dubai Municipality said.

There’s going to be a closing ceremony on November 5 at Jumeirah Zoo to honour its employees. Members of the public are invited to attend the zoo free of charge on the day.

Dubai Safari’s technical director, Tim Husband, has confirmed that nearly all of the park’s anticipated 3,500 animals for the first phase are comfortably settled.

Upon the park’s completion, the sanctuary will harbour around 10,000 animals.

Split up into five sections, guests can explore the Dhs1 billion park’s Arabian Village, Asian Village, African Village, and the soon-to-be Americas and Australia Exhibit.