Rare Arabian humpback whale spotted off the coast of Dubai

You’ve likely heard news of the rogue whale shark that occasionally graces Dubai Marina.

Well, now a rare Arabian humpback whale has been spotted off the coast of Dubai.

This marks the first ever appearance of the highly-endangered species in UAE waters.

The whale was spotted 1km off the coast of Dubai, with her calf in tow.

The Arabian humpback whale is rarely seen this close to land.

What does this mean?

Arabian humpback whales are unique in the sense that they don’t tend to migrate between polar and warmer tropical feeding grounds – choosing to live more permanently in the Arabian peninsula.

Oh, and get this – there are an estimated less than 100 Arabian humpbacks living in the wild.

 “Information we are gathering from these whales is providing us with invaluable knowledge about the isolation of the species in a remote corner of our oceans and giving us scientific signposts towards their future survival in a rapidly developing region,” marine biologist Robert Baldwin told WAM.

Footage of the whale shark, lost in Dubai Marina: