10 photos that show just how beautiful Dubai is when it’s foggy

Dubai’s a pretty city regardless of the weather, but there’s something mystical about a settling fog that causes us to stop and appreciate the place we live in.

If you’re an early riser, you may have noticed the recent morning fog. Sure, it might’ve made your morning commute a little bit longer, but there’s no doubting that it made for some pretty incredible photos.

Check out some of our favourites.

1. The city, still waking up.

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2. A fish-eye snap from a resident’s point of view.

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3. The morning fog settles as dawn rolls around.

4. The clock-tower skyscraper pokes its head through the blanket.

5. Some incredible colours on this shot.

6. A black and white snap of the Marina in the morning.

7. The sun’s rays graze the blanket of fog.

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8. A shot taken from an office block in Media City.

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9. Sheikh Zayed Road is completely hidden.

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10. As the sun rises, the fog slowly dissipates.