Costa teases the idea of a coffee drone delivery service in Dubai

Because… because you can.

It’s no secret that Dubai’s a convenience-driven culture – which is why the prospect of having your morning brew delivered by a drone is a luxury we would all indulge in.

A beautifully cheesy advert by Costa Coffee flaunts the idea of drone delivered frappuccinos – for those moments when you’re out in the heat and you need it the most.

Check it out:

Yes, we’re quite aware that you never actually see somebody grabbing the coffee from the drone. And there’s no guarantee that your order would arrive without half of it being splattered down Sheikh Zayed Road – but hey, it’s a pretty cool concept.

Around 82 per cent of UAE customers have said that they would use a drone delivery service if given the option.

So here’s to hoping that Costa’s ‘Drone Drop’ service becomes a reality.