It’s official: McDonald’s milkshakes are coming to the UAE

Those of us who’ve lived or traveled outside of the UAE will understand the glorious beverage that is… The McDonald’s milkshake.

For reasons unknown, McDonald’s in the UAE have never had milkshakes on the menu.

Until now.

Starting from August 12, McDonald’s in the UAE will have a permanent spot for milkshakes aboard their menu.

As for the flavours, you’ll find strawberry and chocolate-Oreo, which comes with actual Oreos crumbled on top.

Price-wise, a standalone shake will cost you Dhs11, or you can upgrade to add a milkshake to your meal for Dhs5.


If you’re yet to grace your stomach with the delicacy that is a McDonald’s milkshake, get your dirhams at the ready, they’re well worth it.

McDonald’s UAE briefly added milkshakes to their menu last year, but they never remained as a permanent feature.