It’s so hot in the UAE that cars are legit bursting into flames

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s warm outside.

In fact, it’s so warm in the UAE, that cars are literally bursting into flames.

Apparently, it’s been so hot in Umm Al Quwain that seven cars have spontaneously combusted over the past two months.

UAE officials are pushing drivers to carry out maintenance checks on their vehicles, so they don’t, you know, freakin’ catch fire.

This video from the UAQ civil Defence department shows the emirate’s fire service arriving on the scene of a car on fire.

The incident took place yesterday on Etihad Road. The car in question was parked, with the engine turned off when it caught on fire.

Officers used foam to put out the fire.

The blaze was contained before any other surrounding cars or buildings were damaged. Police are currently looking into what caused the blaze to start.

According to Khaleej Timesat least six other occurrences of cars catching fire have been handled by the emergency services.