Dubai Police will watch your home for FREE while you’re on holiday

Nervous about unwanted visitors while you’re away?

With many people leaving the country for the summer, Dubai Police are reminding residents about their free service that will see the police keeping a watch on your house while you’re away.

The Dubai Police’s Home Security Service will see patrol cars drive past empty houses, helping to reduce the chance of burglaries.

Here’s a video that explains how it happens:

The free service, launched back in 2001 can be registered for online, requiring you to fill out a form on their website here.

“We chose to remind people about this service now, because it’s almost summer time and many people travel and leave their homes empty, leaving them an easy target for thieves,” said Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation unit Jamal Al Jallaf.

dubai police

To ensure the safety of your home while away, Dubai Police ask you to take a few precautions before signing up for their service.

1. You must live in a villa or house and have a valid UAE ID card.

2. Secure all entrances and windows of your residence.

3. Secure the wardrobes or the safe in which you store your valuables.

4. Deposit money and valuables in a bank safety deposit box.

5. Do not leave the keys to your vehicles in the key holder.

6. Inform family or friends to check on your home while you’re away.

7. Turn off all water taps and electricity switches.

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