It looks like Dubai is getting delivery drones soon

Dubai’s a convenience-driven city. You can have a can of coke delivered to your front door if you really fancy.

It’s no secret that flying taxis are soon to grace our city, but here’s a concept that we could be seeing sooner than we think.

Delivery drones. In Dubai.

You might’ve heard about delivery drones already, with e-commerce giant Amazon looking to recruit drones as part of their Amazon Prime Air project.

Well, one Dubai-based tech group has teamed up with an American drone company to help introduce delivery drones to the city.

Eniverse Technologies and Skycart will launch their “Space Autonomous Drones” in the city, promising to deliver parcels that weigh no more than 5 kilos, and in no longer than 30 minutes.

Check out this video released by Eniverse showing how it’ll all work:

Don’t worry, we’re questioning the CGI too.

When will it launch?

Sooner than you think. The service will be hitting selected neighbourhoods in Dubai by 2019 at the latest.

The neighbourhoods we can expect to see them in are Emirates Hills, The Springs, Meadows, The Greens, Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah.

Space Autonomous Drones are yet to get legal approval from the government before they can start whizzing parcels around the city.

However, they’re “confident that it will fulfill all the legal criteria and kick-start operations ahead of schedule.”

What do you think? A step towards future-living? Or dangerous, mechanical, mini-helicopters?