A woman abandoned her five-month-old baby in a Dubai hotel apartment

Sure, we can’t imagine babies are the easiest company to keep, but abandoning it in your apartment as you leave the country seems a bit extreme.

A Kenyan mother has abandoned her five-month-old baby with her maid in a Dubai hotel apartment and has left for her home country.

Colonel Yusuf Al Adidi, director of the Al Qusais police station stated that the police had received word from the woman’s Ethiopian maid that her employer had left the country and had not returned for eight days.

The maid was told by her employer that she would be paid well if she agreed to take care of her child.

Speaking to the police, the maid said that her Kenyan employer would come home just to sleep, and was frequently inebriated.

In the maid’s words, the child was mostly neglected by its mother.

Upon being informed, a police team was sent to the hotel apartment where the child was found in the custody of the Ethiopian maid.

The child’s identity has been confirmed, having been born at the GMC Hospital in Dubai.

The child, who has breathing difficulties, has since been sent into the custody of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

As for the child’s father? He left the country before the baby was born after separating from its mother.

All efforts are being made by the Dubai Police and the Kenyan authorities to make contact with the baby’s mother and her family.

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