Spinneys are asking customers to show some love to their ugly fruit and vegetables

“Never make fun of something somebody can’t change.”

Have you ever turned down a carrot at the supermarket for looking a little wonky? Was that potato too pear-shaped? Those grapes a little grisly?

Spinneys are asking their customers to embrace the weird and wonderful fruit and veg of the world, offering discounts of up to 45 per cent more than “pretty” produce.

Why are they doing this?

The aim of the new initiative is to cut back on food wastage, with roughly one third of the world’s food ending up in landfills each year.

Almost half of this waste is fresh produce.

“Fruit and vegetables can grow unevenly for many reasons, including unusual and sometimes unpredicatble weather conditions,” said Martin Jorge Aguirre, Spinneys’ commercial manager for fresh produce.

“They are still every bit as delicious, however, and we have decided to show this produce some love by welcoming it into the Spinneys fruit and vegetable displays.”

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