VIDEO: Emirati man attacked by a shark off the UAE coast

If you ever thought the UAE waters were a shark-free zone, you may want to re-think your weekend trip to the beach.

An Emirati fisherman has been mauled by a shark roughly five nautical miles off Khor Fakkan on the UAE’s east coast.

Ali Mohammed Hamad Al Beloushi was out fishing with his friend Omar when a large shark attacked.

A video of Al Beloushi just moments before the attack:

Al Beloushi had been free diving to a depth of 18 metres exploring for a potential catch, when he went to return to his boat.

He was only three metres away from the boat when the shark clamped around his right leg.

Al Beloushi turned to fire his harpoon at the shark once it attacked, but the creature only retreated for a moment, lured back by the blood from his wound.

His friend, Omar, who watched the shark attack unfold, used his fishing gun to shoot the shark twice, killing it.

The sharks carcass was later found floating off coast and was brought back to shore.

This is the second shark attack in five months in the area.

GRAPHIC: The shark’s carcass being brought back to shore:

The injured fisherman was then rushed to Khor Fakkan hospital, where an x-ray revealed severe damage to his leg from the bite.

“There are several sharks I have spotted in the Khor Fakkan sea and they are of a small size, but this one is different. It’s big and weighed 200 kilos,” Al Beloushi’s brother Hassan told Gulf News.

The exact breed of shark is yet to be announced.

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