Royal Jordanian’s response to the French election result is hilarious

Emmanuel Macron has been named the youngest President-elect in recent French history at just 39 years old.

His victory was sealed as he beat out far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen with 65 per cent of the vote on Sunday.

Naturally, Jordan’s flagship airline Royal Jordanian felt the need to chime in, and couldn’t help but comment on the situation by playing on the words “left” and “right”.

Royal Jordanian posted a photo to their social media on Sunday which read, “France is not that far… right?” with reference to Le Pen’s political position, which contained anti-immigration, anti-Islam and anti-European Union policies.

royal jordanian

Although Macron positioned himself as neither left nor right, but a “centrist”, Royal Jordanian’s follow-up image read, “Fly left with RJ.”

royal jordanian

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