This UAE company wants to transport icebergs from the Southern Ocean to Fujairah

The UAE is no stranger to an abstract idea, but towing icebergs from the Southern Ocean to the UAE is definitely up there on the more unique side of things….

The Emirates Iceberg Project (EIP) seeks to either tow, or break up and transport icebergs from a place known as Heard Island, 9,200 kilometres away to the Fujairah coast.

Why? So that the icebergs can be placed off the coast where they will be converted to billions of liters of fresh water.

With cold air coming off the icebergs, the UAE’s temperature would also be reduced.

They also plan to use the water to restore the desert’s ancient greenery.

The way the EIP sees it is that the icebergs will only melt into the ocean anyway, wasting huge supplies of fresh water. So why not just bring ’em over here, right?

Anyway, here’s a video detailing the how, when and why:

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