VIDEO: London taxi driver surprises passengers with all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai

Bad days are inevitable. Nobody’s capable of floating around on a never-ending stream of happiness. It could be missing the last train home, hitting traffic right when you don’t need to, or not getting that call back from the job you applied for.

A London cab driver sought to turn peoples’ bad days around, fitting out his taxi with hidden cameras to surprise people who were having a bad day with an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai, courtesy of Atlantis The Palm.

Here’s the video:

“We’re going to take the taxi out and I’m going to be picking up people, passengers of London.

“If the passengers I pick up are having a really bad time, then I’ve got a few surprises that I’m going to give them,” the cab driver explains.

As passengers file into his taxi, he prompts them with questions about how their day is going.

Sure enough, he comes across two lucky customers, to whom he reveals their prize for having a bad day – a trip to Dubai to stay in one of the world’s most iconic hotels.

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