UberX launches in Dubai, a cheaper alternative to taxis

Getting around Dubai is about to get much cheaper, thanks to the trial launch of UberX.

Uber’s economy class cars will start your trip from Dhs5, with the fare going up by Dhs1.37 per kilometer and Dhs0.4 per minute.

For reference, a typical RTA taxi costs minimum Dhs12, and goes up by Dhs2 per kilometer.

If all goes well with the three-month trial run of UberX, we might even see the introduction of UberPool, Uber’s carpooling service.

UberX was announced this January after Uber teamed up with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and signed an agreement to study new mobility options as part of Dubai’s 2021 project.

“The launch promotes our believe that increased access to economic and reliable modes of transport will provide a viable alternative to individual car ownership, helping to tackle congestion and pollution, whilst complementing the existing public transit infrastructure in Dubai,” Uber’s general manager Chris Free said in a statement.

“Our vision is to have more people in fewer cars, promote the use of public transport by providing an economically priced product for people to get to and from the metro, tram stations, bus stops and marine transport stations, and to ultimately allow riders to move around their cities easier.”

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