Hatta will soon be transformed into a hiker’s paradise

You don’t have to venture out into Oman to find other than sand to explore, the UAE’s east coast harbours some pretty stunning mountain scenery.

If you’ve ever partaken in the dreaded visa run, you’ll have likely gone through Hatta.

Well, Dubai Municipality announced yesterday the completion of the first phase of the Hatta Hiking project.

Totaling 9km, the first phase of Hatta Hiking links up the Hatta Biking track, as well as Hatta Kayak, ending at the Hatta Dam where the second phase of the project will begin.

hatta dubai

What can you expect to see?

Along the hiking trail, you’ll pass through the Hatta Heritage Village, as well as the three dams, Al Tala Park, as well as other recreational areas, farms in the Al Sharia area, the fruit and veg market and the Hatta 360 project.

There will be four different trails with differing levels of difficulty, with trails designed to accommodate those with disabilities.

The addition of the Hatta Hiking project comes as part of a Dhs1.3 billion initiative to turn Hatta into a tourist destination for UAE visitors.

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