Here’s why Dubai’s latest salon costs Dhs5,500 for a haircut

Do you tend to opt for a more expensive trim? Or do you just nip to the local-run salon down the road?

Labelled one of the most expensive hairstylists worldwide, Rossano Ferretti has officially opened a salon in Dubai.

He’s the guy behind A-list celebrities including Salma Hayek and Lady Gaga, as well as royals including the Duchess of Cambridge.

What makes him so great?

Ferretti’s unique ‘Method’ haircut technique, also known as the invisible haircut “eschews trends, over-styling and unnecessarily complex techniques in favour of an organic, natural cut that enhances the innate fall of the hair.”

His Dubai salon is housed in a fully-converted villa which has been transformed into a luxurious hair and beauty spa, giving Ferretti a more discrete location for his salon to ensure his clients’ privacy.

All of this will land you a price tag that can reach up to Dhs5,500.

However, Vogue Arabia have said that Ferretti himself no longer cuts hair, except for close friends and family.

He now trains a team of Method hairstylists, saying, “Our academy is only open for our team. We don’t sell our Method.

“Either you are part of the Method or you are not part of the Method. It’s like a little family club.”

Ferretti now owns more than twenty salons around the world and has only just expanded into the Middle East, with plans to open two more salons in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

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