Expo 2020’s centrepiece will be a giant, projection-covered dome

The latest development for the Expo 2020 has been revealed, and it’s in the shape of a monstrous domed trellis that doubles as a giant screen.

The dome will be translucent, meaning whatever gets projected onto one side will be visible on the other.

expo 2020

How monstrous are we talking? Well, the dome will cover the entirety of Al Wasl Plaza, which stretches 150 metres in diameter.

The dome will also be 65 metres tall. Roughly the size of 15 giraffes, stacked on top of each other.

expo 2020

Sat smack-bang in the centre of the 4.38 square kilometre Expo 2020 site, the dome will be surrounded by a number of restaurants, fountains, parks and other attractions.

expo 2020

“We are creating a space that will be an architectural landmark not just for the six months of Expo but long into the future,” explained architect Gordon Gill.

“We want Al Wasl Plaza, with its cutting-edge design, to inspire not just our generation but many generations to come.”

For more about the Expo 2020, head over to the website here.

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