Feel like losing the kids for a couple of hours? Here’s how

Everyone loves the feeling of being a kid again. From hearing the nostalgic intro themes from your favourite childhood cartoons to mere smells of that cake your mum baked for you when you were six; we all love to relive that experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those moments, but if you have kids or younger siblings they’re going to love this.

The Giant Ball Pit is back at the Dubai Mall!

Fitted with twisty slides and over 380,000 colourful balls, the kids and parents pretending to not enjoy themselves will be able to quite literally lose themselves in this play area. The mega-structure will be located next to Botero Horse at The Dubai Mall’s Waterfront Promenade for a limited time. Access will be made available for children of the ages 2-11 starting on the 24th of March to 15th of April, from 10am to 11pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am to midnight Thursday to Saturday. So what are you waiting for? Dump the little gremlins and get that manicure you’ve been meaning to have!

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