5 underrated Arab musicians who are killing the game

We have all been victims of repetitive radio play causing you to feel like pulling over and ripping out the central console when that one song plays for the 50th time. You get home after your drive and on comes the same recycled playlists that have been in your most played since 2003. It’s time to change that and finally impress your friends by name dropping someone they’ve never heard of. Here are 5 Hip artists from the Arab world you should really know about.

1. Sons of Yusuf

Hailing from the city of Kuwait, the duo Ya’koob & Abdul’Rahma Al Refaie were raised in Los Angeles, California where their love for hip hop grew. They have a refreshing change in their style of music which we believe you would enjoy. Their new single ‘One time’ can be found on Itunes, and their album ‘Sheikh the world’ is set to drop soon.

2. Fadl

Dubai’s very own rapper ‘Fadl’ is one of the who that has broken onto the international scene. His recent accomplishments include making tracks with the likes of ‘Acehood’ and being featured on one of the biggest hip hop blogs on the interwebs; HipHopDX. His latest release “Nothing to stop me” dropped just over a week ago on Soundcloud and the bass line does not disappoint.

3. The Recipe

Initially, ‘The Recipe’ was an endeavour that started out as a way to promote hip hop culture in Dubai by bringing MC’s together as part of one big collaborative project.  Reminiscent of the classic 3 man ‘Run DMC’ hip hop crew from the early 90’s and what they did for the genre when they paved the way for what came thereafter,  The Recipe are a also a 3 man comp’ that aims to do the same with their music and it is blissfully evident throughout their repertoire.


4. Hamdan Al Abri

Also hailing from Dubai, singer/songwriter Hamdan has been active in the music game since late 2008, and has opened for the likes of Kanye West and even had his music featured on CSI. You might have heard him play at Pizza express in JLT in recent years where he frequented the open mic events, with his soulful voice hard to miss or ignore.

5. Sheikh

We thought we would hit you with our wildcard for the day. Alternative-Rock London based Sheikh are a 5 man band with a feel good vibe to their sound. They grew up together in Bahrain and recently dropped their newest track ‘Fonda’ on their soundcloud. The track is reminiscent of M83’s early music or feels like what Coldplay should sound like to make them slightly more bearable than their recent pop-heavy vibe.


We hope this revitalizes your playlists just a little bit through this coming week!