Another building climber in Dubai? This doesn’t sound good…

Is it really worth the trouble?

Nineteen -year-old Harry Gallagher is no stranger to the spider-man act of scaling ridiculous buildings. Wanted for climbing skyscrapers around the world, the teen has now allegedly climbed our very own Burj Khalifa and is soon to release a YouTube video for said daring act.

But why?

Well, your guess is as good as ours. Not too long ago Russian model by the name of Viki Odintcova got done in for attempting and accomplishing a similar stunt, where she was seen dangling off the roof top of the Cayan Tower. And now the Dubai police is involved. Going back to Harry, he is part of a Youtube group known as “night.scape” that specializes in climbing tall things, risking their lives and avoiding arrest all in the name of views. This is him allegedly on the top of one of The Burj Khalifa floors.

If he does end up having any trouble with Dubai authorities (which seems to be the most probable outcome) it won’t be his first run in with the law. He was arrested after he got caught “roof-topping” a building commonly known as the Canary Wharf in London in the picture below.

Fortunate for him, he was not charged and later released. We’re not so sure he’ll be so lucky should his alleged Burj Khalifa stunt ever see the light of day but we certainly hope others aren’t encouraged to follow suit. Good luck with it Harry… Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

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