Fancy escaping a room full of body parts?

Escape rooms have popped up around the world in the last few years, challenging folks mental capacities and teamwork skills while providing a lot of fun along the way (you heard that right random HR employee.)

The newest on the scene – and one that’s got the town talking right now is Escape Reality. Located just off SHZ next to the FGB Metro Station, Escape Reality features eight interactive rooms based off your favourite movies and television shows.

We played ‘Apocalypse,’ based off the Resident Evil franchise and we were definitely not disappointed. Body parts littered the floors, blood was splattered across the walls and tricky number puzzles left us no choice but to co-operate to try and make our way to the top of the leaderboard.

We won’t say too much more, with the element of surprise being an important factor in the whole experience, but we will say that we’re heading back tonight to play ‘Enigmista,’ one of the most popular rooms with a ‘Saw’ theme.


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