This Iranian tennis player is the real reason we watch pro tennis

You thought tennis was boring…

If you haven’t heard of Mansour Bahrami, he’s the tennis world’s joker.

The retired, Iranian, 60-year-old tennis player has been playing professionally since the early 1970s, but the Islamic Revolution within Iran led to tennis being viewed as a capitalist and elitist sport.

In desperation, Mansour fled to France with his life savings, which he gambled in a casino and lost.

Despite his best days being behind him, Mansour went on to become a successful doubles player who even reached the French Open doubles final in 1989.

Nowadays, Mansour can be found on the seniors invitational tennis circuit, where he’s been for about 20 years.

His specialty? His love for trickshots and a bit of flamboyancy.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Mansour Bahrami…

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