Muslim dating app ‘Minder’ is basically Tinder turned halal

We’ve all seen the surge in smartphone dating apps over the past few years.

Apps like Tinder have seen over 10 billion matches made, bringing together people who might’ve never had the chance to meet.

Well, it seems Muslims are in on this trend, too. There are a bundle of ‘halal dating’ apps circling the app world, most notably Salaam Swipe and Muzmatch, but there’s one app which has been receiving all the attention lately…

Minder. Rhymes with Tinder. It’s got over 20,000 users on the app already, having facilitated more than 100,000 matches.

“Who has time to go and meet everyone your auntie recommends for you? With Minder, you only spend time on the people you like,” their site reads.

It’s been around for a little while, but it seems to be getting far more attention as of late. Here’s what some people had to say…

Some people were still surprised…

You can switch up the settings

This guy doesn’t seem to be doing too well

Mothers finding new-age ways to get you to meet people

Some still finding it hilarious

If plan A wasn’t working…

This guy’s intentions don’t seem so halal

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