This Dubai man just spent Dhs1 million on his marriage proposal

How much are you willing to spend to pop the question?

We’ve all indulged in videos of lengthy, elaborate, sometimes a little over-the-top proposals on the internet, but this Dubai gent has gone and set the bar a whole lot higher.

It’s a big moment, granted. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to do it once.

One property developer from Dubai has gone and spent a seriously hefty Dhs1 million on his proposal. 

What did it involve?

According to proposal planners, The Proposers, the proposal itself cost Dhs685,000, and another Dhs315,000 for a one-minute celebrity appearance in a video played during the proposal. As to who that celebrity was? It hasn’t been disclosed.

The couple started out on a yacht in the Meditteranean, before a helicopter took them to a luxury hotel in the Monaco cliffs.

Once there, they walked through an archway, past a fairy-light-ridden oak tree, covered with hand-written notes as to why he loved her alongside hand-drawn illustrations of the duo.

proposal dubai

After that, it was on to a terrace with a view of the ocean, where they drank ‘love potion cocktails’ while being serenaded by a live jazz band.

As they got there, a big ol’ ‘marry me’ sign popped up, and the man popped the question.

That’s not all!

Afterwards, the couple continued into a cave decorated with vintage cinema trinkets.

They then sat down in retro cinema seats and watched a video the groom had put together — including messages from their families and friends saying why they loved them. It was then that the celebrity appeared with a special message.

Once that was over, the doors to the cave opened up to a panoramic views, where a band played while the newly-engaged couple had a romantic dinner surrounded by flowers.

There was even a wishing-well with custom-made coins to commemorate the occasion.

Lavish doesn’t even begin to describe it. Can you imagine what he would’ve done if she’d said no?

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