Emirati man donates Dhs100,000 to free Dubai prisoners

We all love a feel-good story…

Being in debt is a crime in the UAE, and has seen many a person locked up over minor financial woes.

Emirati man Yaqoob Al Ali has donated Dhs100,000 to aid prisoners with financial dues, a Dubai Police official has said.

Brigadier Dr Mohammed Al Murr, Director-General of the General Directorate of Human Rights at the Dubai Police said that a donation of Dhs100,000 was received from Al Ali, who wants to bring joy to those banged up over money issues during the Year of Giving.

“We thank him for his humane effort in helping release the prisoners; he has given them a chance at a new life,” Brig Dr Al Murr said in praise of the act.

“We help prisoners and people with problems on humanitarian grounds.

“The money can help prisoners with minor financial dues, or pay the travel cost of prisoners who can’t afford to buy a ticket after serving a jail term,” Brig Dr Al Murr said.

The General Directorate of Human Rights at Dubai Police will contact the Punitive Establishment Department to arrange for the release of the prisoners.

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