This Dubai nightclub is set to host an ironic weekly bingo night

Who said nightclubs had to be shots, shots, shots, cheesy club music and crap dancing?

Societe at the Marina Byblos Hotel have introduced their own take on a bingo night.

Yeah, it’s the whole shebang, we’re talking number cards and daft prizes.

Dubbed ‘Bonkers Bingo’ the night will be held on Wednesdays each week, with patrons being given a bingo card upon entry, and with tables lining the club’s dancefloor.

British TV presenter Layne Redman will be the master of ceremonies, who’ll be on hand to dish out numbers, prizes, and according to Societe, “insults” (we’re not quite sure what that means).

bingo dubai

To make things even more interesting, drawn scores will be settled with lip-sync battles.

The prizes? They include a mobility scooter (we’re not lying, we want it), as well as cat diapers, doughnuts and inflatable toys.

“From the moment the guys at Bonkers Bingo got in touch with me, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of,” said Redman, who co-presents Out & About on Dubai One.

“Bingo is such a British institution, loved by the older generation back home. Taking something like that and transforming it into this crazy party night is just such a great idea.”

First floor, Marina Byblos Hotel, Dubai Marina. March 1 onwards, 9pm to 11.30pm, Wednesdays. Tel: (050) 3571126. 

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