The Burj Khalifa? Old news. How about a rotating skyscraper?

Is Dubai pining for another cameo in Star Trek or something?

Dubai is no stranger to out-of-this world architecture. For starters, we’re already home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest man-made island and soon-to-be, the world’s first flying, autonomous vehicle.

Well, things just got a whole lot crazier with this latest proposed build. The worlds first rotating skyscraper.

Yeah, we’re serious…

The idea for a rotating tower was first announced by architect David Fisher in 2008, who envisioned it at a whopping 80-stories — landing it at just under 396 metres. That would make it the third-tallest building in Dubai after the Burj Khalifa and Princess Tower (413 metres), as well as the third-tallest residential tower in the world behind Princess Tower and New York’s 432 Park Avenue at 425.5 metres.

Each floor of the tower serves as its own separate, rotating section, attached to a central column.

This video shows a few proposed designs for the tower, and how it would be constructed:

Residents living in the “Dynamic Tower” will be able to control the rotation speed and direction from their apartment via voice activation.

Don’t want to miss that sunset? Tell your apartment to pull a 180. Feel a bit awkward under the watchful eye of window-cleaners? “Rotate left, maximum speed.”

Seems like it’s straight out of Futurama, huh?

Here’s a video showing what the tower would look like once finished in Dubai:

Lean, mean and green

The Dynamic Tower will generate its own energy through 79 wind turbines spaced between each level, as well as solar panelling that will coat both the roof of the structure, and the roof of each section.

These green methods will not only provide enough electricity to power the Dynamic Tower, but will generate enough to power five more similarly-sized buildings.

When can we expect to see it?

Completion of the tower is set for 2020 (an exact date is yet to be announced), however we’re not quite sure if that’s a deadline they’ll make.

They’ve nabbed themselves the patent for the tower, which shows they’re semi-serious. Will we ever see one in action though? Who knows.

Other target locations for Dynamic Towers in London and Paris have been stated on the Dynamic Architecture website.

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