Dubai’s very own 5000 brake horsepower hypercar and no, we’re not kidding

Huh, and that bloke with the Lamborghini thought he was snazzy…

When you think of Dubai, the image of fast cars and lavish lifestyle spring to mind.

Back in 2013, a Dubai-made car, the Devel Sixteen was unveiled that was so insane, we’ve no doubt the engine was forged by Thor’s hammer itself.

What’s so special about it?

The 5,000 horsepower engine was being developed by US brand Steve Morris Engines, with a V-16 Quad Turbo engine that’s being geared (pun intended) to be the fastest and most powerful street-legal engine in the world.

The Devel Sixteen’s engine, looking like something straight out of a comic book.

The Dubai-based company, Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry, that unveiled the Devel Sixteen prototype  in 2013 claims the car can do 0-60 kilometres per hour in about 1.6 seconds, that’s faster than the Ariel Atom and Buggatti Veyron (for those who don’t know cars, that’s fast. Very fast).

With an even more serious top speed of 560 kilometres per hour.

Here’s a video showing the Devel Sixteen in action. While it’s not quite going top speed, it’s pretty neat to see it noodling around:

Alas, no more has been said about the official release of the car, but here’s what the bad boy looked like at the unveiling:

The Devel Sixteen at its 2013 unveiling.

We’re praying this doesn’t remain just another concept car. It’d serve as a neat spot down at JBR, and if the boys from The Grand Tour ever pay Dubai another visit, we’d love to see them ragging it down Sheikh Zayed Road.

Here’s a video showing the car’s ridiculous engine in action…

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Featured image: YouTube/Shmee150