Three Dubai Instagrammers talk about their favourite shots

Ever wondered what goes into the perfect snap?

Dubai is one of the most hash-tagged cities in the world. It’s impossible to play home to such a beautiful blend of desert and city-scape without drawing out shutterbugs.

We asked three avid Dubai Instagrammers about the favourite shots they’ve taken, and what made it so special — whether it was the reason behind the photo, the technicality of it, or the feeling the photo invoked in them.

ShutterNomad’s shot from inside the abandoned plane, Umm Al Quwain

“As promised this is my 5k celebratory pic and it is the best pic I’ve clicked so far.

“It was very technical to paint my imagination in this frame. Also this is the SECOND pic I clicked during the abandoned airplane shoot and I got it spot on in one go.

“I wanted to use that one ray of sunlight to illuminate the guy in the pic while putting the girl in silhouette. While I’m at the receiving end of the sunlight… it was very hard to get this. So I used a wooden plank to reflect light to my friends face by placing the plank on the floor under his feet and that could be possible only if I captured him perfectly upside down or the light would reflect to the back of his head (which I luckily nailed in one shot. Usually it takes me at least 5 – 6 shots to be happy with a shot of someone flipping).

“The distance between the girl and the guy is approxiately five feet so to avoid background and foreground blur, I had to narrow the aperture blades to f3.5 and shoot at 1/1000 shutter speed to freeze him perfectly. All this in low light conditions. So I pumped up the iso to 1600.

“And there it was, the perfectly planned shot. As a photographer it’s a joyful and proud moment when the pic turns out to be exactly the same as you imagined.”

Fariha Osmani’s mystical morning haze on the road to Naran, Pakistan

A post shared by Fariha Osmani (@farihaosmani) on

“As we hit the road to Naran (Pakistan), the views just got more and more breathtaking. This shot of River Kunhar was taken around 6am early morning after checking out from Hotel Pine Track.

“There was a mystical haze all over the valley and sun rays broke through trees to send sparkles into the water. A morning scene to remember for life. SubhanAllah!”

Keith Pereña’s Kinokuniya wanderer

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“This is my favourite photo. Reason being, it’s a akin to facing myself in the mirror. It was taken in Kinokuniya couple of months back.

“What I love about this particular photo is that whenever I look at it, I always see myself as the person in it. Also, a lot of people can relate to that sensation of walking around book stores and libraries – quietly disturbing the many storytellers that are asleep on the shelves.

“The person in the shot in particular shows that fascination, that infantile curiosity at what story will he be hearing from someone long gone?”

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