This Russian model who hung off the Cayan Tower for a photo has been summoned by Dubai Police


Is the perfect Instagram shot worth a visit to the Dubai Police?

Six weeks ago, 23-year-old Russian Dubai-based model Viki Odintcova took to the rooftop of Cayan Tower in the Dubai Marina to take this death-defying photo:

She has since been summoned by the Dubai Police

Odintcova has been summoned by the Dubai Police, with Major General Khalil Ibrahim al-Mansouri telling Al Ittihad that Odintcova “had been summoned to sign an undertaking not to repeat any dangerous moves that could endanger her life in Dubai.”

Odintcova wasn’t happy…

After the ordeal, she got in touch with The Nationaltelling them, “We deserve a reward for disclosing weaknesses in the security of that building.

“We were at the rooftop of that building without any evil intentions, however someone else could have come out there to commit suicide or an act of terrorism.”

The photo received the kind of mixed response you’d expect. All the way from “Incredibly brave” to “When Instagram becomes Instadeath”.

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. There’s no denying it made for a sweet shot, but if you’re willing to dangle yourself from an 1,000-foot tower for a snap, then you’ve got to have a few red flags popping off in your head.

Granted, Odintcova’s got a 3.2-million strong Instagram following — she’s legions ahead of us in the social media game.

If you were wondering if the photo was fake…

It wasn’t.

The Russian model released a teaser on Instagram and a video on YouTube showing what went into taking the shot.

There were no safety lines involved. That’d be silly, obviously.

You can find the full video here.

“I still cannot believe that I did it. Every time I watch this video, my palms get sweaty,” Daily Mail reported Odintcova as saying.

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