This YouTuber pretended to be blind for a social experiment in Dubai and New York. The results might shock you…

Ever wondered if Dubai’s residents were an honest bunch?

If you’re a regular YouTube lurker, you’ll have likely stumbled across a ‘public experiment’ or 10.

Some are a little daft, granted. However, there are a few which expose the softer side of human nature, helping to restore a little of our faith in humanity.

Egyptian-American YouTuber Karim posted a video last month of a social experiment he conducted in both Dubai and New York.

The study? To pose as a blind man, with dark shades and a cane, asking passers-by if they could provide him with change for a 10 dirham note — while he’s really holding up a 50.

Here’s the video:

Karim’s test was to see whether people would be honest, offering him change for a 50, instead of taking advantage of a blind man and giving him change for a 10.

You may find the results shocking…

If you ever thought Dubai’s residents were dishonest, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

People stopped Karim to warn him that he is in fact holding up a 50 dirham note, and that “If someone tells you that is not a 50 don’t believe them.”

Without even having to ask for help, people were coming up to Karim to see if he needed any assistance.

New York was a different story…

Karim stood for ages upon the sidewalk, with nobody approaching to assist him. However, in a city with a much higher crime rate, people may be forgiven for being more wary.

He ended up having to approach people to ask for change (who, in all fairness, were honest with him).

Karim is also doing his part for the people of Aleppo, Syria

At the beginning of the video, Karim states his intention to help out those affected by the war in Aleppo, Syria, saying, “A lot of you know what’s going on in Aleppo, it’s pretty horrible…

“For every shirt that I sell, a portion of the proceeds will go towards charities that help the people of Aleppo.”

The shirts can be purchased for Dhs60 here.

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