Football player in the UAE? You could be fined for having a dicey haircut

 We’ve all had bad haircuts. Career-ruining? Okay, maybe not that bad…

If you’re playing football under the UAEFA (United Arab Emirates Football Association), you could be fined for having an “unethical” haircut.

Why? Nobody’s quite sure. We’re not clued in as to what constitutes an unethical haircut either.

The UAEFA’s disciplinary code states that, “Wearing bracelets, earrings or jewellery or having an unusual or queer haircut or colouring” could result in fines of up to Dhs3,000.

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There’s one thing for sure, football in the ’90s wouldn’t have been the same…

Check out some of the ‘dos from ’90s players Valderrama of Colombia, Ronaldo of Brazil, West of Nigeria, Xavier of Portugal as well as youngster Bastien Hery of France.

Yeah, somehow we’re not sure they’d be listed as approved:

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Apparently there’s quite a number of players in the Arabian Gulf League whose haircuts have been deemed innapropriate.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this issue though, no. Last year, a game was stopped so that player Waleed Abdullah, a player for Al Shabab Riyadh could receive a haircut mid-game.

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