6 ideas of what the UAE’s first colony on Mars might look like

Sending satellites there is one thing, but building a colony?

The UAE’s interest in Mars is no secret.

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has announced at the World Government Summit the UAE’s intent to colonise The Red Planet with the Mars 2117 project.

The project seeks to build the first city on Mars.

It’s a big goal, without a doubt. At least the timeline is somewhat more realistic than previously proposed plans by other organisations (we’re looking at you, Mr Musk).

Well, upon hearing this news, Dubai’s community on forum website Reddit decided to imagine what life would be like inside the UAE’s city aboard our planetary buddy.

If you haven’t checked out Dubai’s sub-forum on Reddit, you should. Here’s a link.

6 ideas of what the UAE’s first colony on Mars might look like
1. Dubai Mall has extended so much you can actually walk to Mars – kotovsk

dubai mars

 2. The shawarMars restaurants will be out of this world! – Tinfoilhatmaker

shawarma dubai

3. Trump Red Golf Estates — Where your drive will be out of this world – kotovsk

trump mars

4. White Mars Range Rovers with tinted black windows, that you can drive slowly around Jumeirah Crater Residence – ibalbalu

car mars

5. DEWA becomes DEWAA and starts charging for air – kotovsk

mars dubai

6. Despite there being only one colony, taxis would still have no clue where to pick you up despite clear instructions – Heemsj126

For more ideas on what the UAE’s first colony on Mars will be like, head to the Dubai subreddit here.

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