12 of the most insane Instagrams from Dubai’s richest kid

Thought your Instagram game was on point? This Dubai kid’s feed is legions better than yours, and he’s likely less than half your age…

If you’re clued in on the Dubai Insta-scene, you’ll have likely crossed paths with Rashed Belhasa.

The Dubai youngster is notorious for his ridiculous sneaker collection, innate ability to meet up with celebrities, and most of all, his ‘farm’.

This farm isn’t some children’s petting zoo, no. this kid’s back yard houses rescued lions, tigers and everything in between. Exotic would be an understatement.

Having all of this afforded to you makes for some pretty insane Instagram opportunities, and Belhasa’s capitalised on it in every sense.

Here are some of our favourite posts from the Dubai child millionaire…

That time he kitted out his Cadillac in Yeezy print with internet celebrity Jus Sul

Kudos to whoever Belhasa’s agent is…

He’s linking up with some of the world’s biggest stars like it’s no big deal

Just casually feeding his pet tiger

That’s a serious amount of internet fame in one spot… Bin Baz, Coby Persin, Mo Vlogs hanging out with some furry pals

Wiz looking slightly unimpressed by the fact that he’s holding a freaking tiger

“What’re you doing today?” “Oh not much, just walking the tiger in the park…”

We love how they’re roughly the same height, but that’s Lionel Messi, quite arguably the world’s best football player

Considering these little bubbas can grow up to 300 kilograms a piece, we can’t imagine they’ll be allowed on the sofa for long

We’re not sure what’s more impressive, hanging out with Steve Aoki or Belhasa’s insane sneaker collection in the background

Just Trey Songz and Belhasa, feeding a tiger from a bottle. No biggie

If the above photos didn’t have you jealous, he’s also got his own store in Dubai Mall…

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